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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

Coming Soon

Research is currently under way to gather useful information throughout Europe - for those of you who are interested in vacationing or relocating.

Thank you for your patience and please check back frequently. If you have questions that 'can't wait' - feel free to send us a note at: info@BoomerAdventure.eu

Look forward to serving you.

Enough Already! I Want a LIFE!

Are you nearing retirement age or simply ready to retire? You don't know what you want to do? Where do you want to spend your golden years? What can you afford? What will it be like in 10 years where you are at?

Lots of questions. Lots of possibilities. There are as many answers as there are individuals asking it.

Being a boomer myself - raised two children on my own while working two jobs more often than not, going to school at night (although I worked to put my ex through MIT) I just wanted to REST.

Rest is what I've found and still practice better than 10 years after my move to Eastern Europe. I promised myself to only do things I want to do, and only when I want to do them.

So far it had worked out well.

I'm in Hungary. The country is small (post Trianon) but it has magic. Spas to delight body and soul - not to mention aching joints.

Equestrian? Gastro/Gourmet? Nature lover? Wine regions? Virtually anything you would like may be found here if you know where to look. You need help? Ask.

Western Europe had been coming here for dental care, cosmetic surgery and spa visits for a long time. There must be a reason. It is far less expensive and you can have a vacation while you have the work done. Nobody who will see you will remember who you are and what work you've had done.

When I arrived it was on the last of the affordable wave for purchasing real estate. Having sold real estate in the past I made it a full time occupation to look for: location, location, location. It was worth cashing in my 401K for even with the penalty I had to pay. I own a beautiful 1 bedroom in city center with 12 foot ceilings.

Where do I live now? An hour from there in the countryside, because I wanted to learn gardening. This too is affordable, easy commute and thoroughly enjoyable. The fruits and vegetables from the garden see me through most of summer. It is seldom that I have to visit a supermarket. Fresh milk and eggs are available from local growers. Making bread and pastries is as much fun - but if I don't feel like it, there are others who will make it for me.

Maybe it is my peculiar personality - but I very often played: WHAT IF? games. What would I like to do if there were no limits? Then ask myself what are the limits? Are they real or ingrained?

I want to encourage you to ask the same questions. I've had the busy lifestyle of Washington, DC law firms. There was a time for that - but now there is time for a different life. The luxury of spending MY time the way I WANT.

If you have questions, would like to arrange a visit - please feel free to ask. I've never been happier and see no reason why others can't be just as happy.




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The following list of on-line cookie recipes was making the circuits a few years back in Christmas mailers. I was fascinated by it then and still am so I thought I would share it with those of you who love cookies.

Chill the milk and let's begin.