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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

Coming Soon

Research is currently under way to gather useful information throughout Europe - for those of you who are interested in vacationing or relocating.

Thank you for your patience and please check back frequently. If you have questions that 'can't wait' - feel free to send us a note at: info@BoomerAdventure.eu

Look forward to serving you.

Latest Programs


January 13, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. is the first meeting of Budapest Young Professionals in the new year. The restaurant serves cheese, meat and dessert fondue for a fixed price. Visit their site (Hungarian only, sorry) for the address. They are centrally located in the 5th district by Arany Janos Square off of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky.

As always, feel free to invite friends and/or colleagues. Seating is limited so please RSVP your desire to attend by January 10 to info@BudapestResources.com

Come with ideas for programs for the coming months. This is your club so help design the programs. Look forward to seeing you on the 13th.



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The following list of on-line cookie recipes was making the circuits a few years back in Christmas mailers. I was fascinated by it then and still am so I thought I would share it with those of you who love cookies.

Chill the milk and let's begin.