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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

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Remembering 1956

There were celebrations throughout the day at various spots in the city. The main attraction was the peace march that drew a sea of peacefully marching citizens from all over Hungary (and in some cases from the bordering regions).

The march was peaceful and orderly from the meeting place on Batthany square in Buda, proceeding across the bridge and through Andrassy boulevard to Hero's square where Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered his celebratory speech.

While there were minor provocative groups along the way the march remained clean, quiet and peaceful.

The Prime Minister's speech honored the past and the players of history while remembering the current situation of the country and the unity that must be present in order to improve it in the future.

Gyurcsany spoke to his followers in a vehement but rather desperate screech. The topic had not changed, he simply and repeatedly calls for the doing away with the current administration. The crowd began to chant and Mesterhazy, who was to follow with his own speech, could not be heartd. Business as usual on the left.

As the country and mainly the left prepares for next year's election, the remembrance of the 1956 revolution was a rather significant opportunity to show forces.

Seven years ago the Gyurcsany administration managed to engrave the 50th anniversary of the revolution into history by beating descent to a bloody pulp. Seven years later the people responsible had still not been brought to justice.

The situation deteriorated to a level that the parliament was double barricaded, looking more like a police state than a democracy. It was not until three years later that he finally succumbed to the obvious and resigned as Prime Minister.



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