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Most Expensive Streets for Budapest Real Estate


The Top-10 list of most expensive streets to live in Budapest were compiled and published by the organizers of the National Horizon Real Estate Fair. Only one location, Vigado Ter (V. dist.) is in Pest, the other nine are located in Buda.

Location and prices per square meter of the highest priced real estate in the city are as follows:

-- Vigadó Tér (V. dist), 1,387,000 HUF
-- Művész u. (XII. dist.), 947,000 HUF
-- Ordas út (XII. dist.), 942,000 HUF

Further, Minerva utca (XI. dist.), Lávay utca (II. dist.), Visszatérő utca (III. ker.), Szentháromság utca (I. ker.), Kalóz út (XII. ker.), Orbán tér (XII. ker.) and finallz Brassó utca (II. dist).

Making the list as the least expensive streets in Budapest per square meter are:

-- Gyár utca (XXII. dist.), 100,000 HUF
-- Zsinór utca (XIII. dist.), 105,000 HUF
-- Köér utca (X. dist.), 106,000 HUF

Completing the least expensive streets for Budapest real estate are Váci út (IV. dist.), Marabu utca XVII dist.), Apoló utca (XV dist.), Kővirág utca (XVII. dist.), Tatárka utca (XXII. dist.), Tiszaörs utca (XVII. dist.) and finally Áron utca also in district XXII.

If you are looking for a home or investment, be sure to contact info@BudapestResources.com. We have a working relationship with real estate offices in each of the districts who will provide expert assistance to you.



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